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☂☂☂☂☂☂☂.☂.☂.☂.☂.☂.☂.☂..☂☂☂☂Abundant worldwide, most fungi are inconspicuous because of the small size of their structures, and their cryptic lifestyles in soil, on dead matter, and as symbionts of plants, animals, or other fungi.


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for the fairy forest

˚Cookiena tricholoma



Tanzanite Rough

Mycena Fungi

Earthball Fungi (Scleroderma Citrinum) ~ By Nathan Crawford

Cedar-apple rust fungus - Carrot like shapes emerging from a small cone on this cedar tree. The fungus overwinters inside, then the orange jellylike "horns" grow out in the spring and produce spores in the apple.

Fungus: red stem, orange/pink gilled top

Snail Sitting on a Red Mushroom


Helvella Leucopus

Staheliomyces cinctus, the rare and stunning Strangled stinkhorn is endemic to the neotropics. The Strangled stinkhorn is the sole member of the genus Staheliomyces.Cinctus literally means girded, belted, encircled. Photo taken by Danny Newman in Bolivia Feb. 4, 2008.

Rainforest Fungi

**Hericium coralloides (comb tooth fungi)

Psathyrella lacrymabunda



Hygrocybe conica



✿ Purple Mushroom ✿

✯ Sprite's Goblets ✯

✯ Thaxterogaster Porphyreum ✯