Oak Door with Iron Accent

Oak Door with Iron Accent: this is one of the most beautiful doors I have ever seen . i can only day dream of what magical things from long ago lay behind that magnificent entrance


Froggy door hardware I love frogs, what a great idea!

St. Ottilien Archabbey, Landsberg, Oberbayern, Germany

Gothic door with iron mounting at the neo-Gothic St. Ottilien Archabbey,near Landsberg,Bavaria,Germany,Europe photo

Art Deco Lever Handle                                                                                                                                                      More

Art Deco Lever Handle, included to show the way the art deco patterns can be mapped onto a non-deco shape.


Sardinia,-Italy - This front door proves you don’t have to be 10 different shades of color to stand out. The hunter green door, elaborate knocker, and purple vines make a ‘wow’ statement all on their own.

The gate of Monkey Forest Temple - Ubad, Bali, Indonesia.

The gate of Monkey Forest Temple - Ubad, Bali, Indonesia. Loved Bali, the people are amazing.

Wroclaw, Poland

Wroclaw, Poland - I love the fact that it is not square but rounded! And the colour, of course.

images of decorative doorways - Google Search

Art Nouveau- I love this door. The stained glass photo is a perfectly designed background.


Haiti why aren't doors here in this country not colorful? is there something wrong with colored doors?

Barcelona #architecture

Door in Ciutat Vella, Barcelona, Spain - Photo by Arnim Schulz Could be. the door to my bedroom in our castle?

what a library...

This is my dream! Always wanted to be like Belle in the Beauty and the Beast, wheeling around on a tall ladder from book shelf to book shelf!