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Empty olive oil containers... as planters... Greece!  Τρυπητή - Άδειοι ντενεκέδες λαδιού και πολύ μεράκι.

Borderline cute and handmade pots using old metal oil containers. OMG how awesome greek islands are?

Image result for χειροποιητα φωτιστικα με ΣΧΟΙΝΙ

Image result for χειροποιητα φωτιστικα με ΣΧΟΙΝΙ


Perfect clock for a sewing room. Button and embroidery hoop clock. Would be cute with number buttons.



Colgante con mis peces verde oxido Green fishes

the way the rope weaves in and out

Wooden napkin holder @NanetteHudgens for the lake house!!

Make a porcelain napkin holder with stamped lace motif for A&E's wedding?

slip trailed pottery images - Google Search

Consider adding slip trailing to pots where texture needs a boost!

Porcelain bowl and cup inspired by nature | Artist: Beryl Hole | londonpotters.com

-Beryl Hole- 'porcelain bowl and cup inspired by nature' (ceramics.

100+ Σχέδια-Ιδέες για ΚΑΤΑΣΚΕΥΕΣ με έτοιμο ΠΗΛΟ | ΣΟΥΛΟΥΠΩΣΕ ΤΟ

White Porcelain Bowl, Pueblo and Art Nouveau Influences


Dotti Potts Pottery-Pottery, fashion jewellery, earrings and rings can probably use slip in a ziploc with the corner clipped off?