Dear Millionaires…

Dear Millionaires…

” Dear Millionaires, If You Don’t Have A Bookshelf That Spins Into Another Room, Give Me Your Money Because You’re Spending It Wrong ”

ROFL @Lori Barbely

Mine, all mine…


If you have a bad cough take laxatives. Then you will be afraid to cough. This just made me laugh SO hard!


Little Baby has to go to the vet. A dog after my own heart who wants to go to Starbucks for a treat after the doctor.

Mexican Word of the Day

Mexican Word of the Day: Wheelchair.Me and Juan only have uno taco but is okay, wheelchair'. Laughing so hard

Valentine's Day: 20 Funny Quotes To Share With Your Loved One

Valentine's Day: 20 Funny Quotes To Share With Your Loved One

Love is like a fart if you have to force it it's probably crap Tom Hanks Movie as Forest Gump Life is like a box of chocolates you never know what you're going to get.


At dawn we ride! If we had a deer head, this is what would happen to it!


Going to Walmart funny quotes memes quote dogs meme funny quotes humor funny animals.seen a lot worse than hair rollers at Walmart

Dance like no one is watching.omg!!!

Makes me laugh. Then I look at the faces of the people in the background and laugh some more. Maybe this is why no one takes me dancing!

I'm fucking crazy ok???

Free, Flirting Ecard: I hate it when guys say "You're so beautiful! How are you single?because I'm fucking crazy, okay? I'm a fucking lunatic.