Wooden Bear Designs

These are my designs. Quilts, small sewing projects, tea towels, graphics, notepads, magnets, and more. I like to try a little bit of everything :o)
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an image of a ladybug quilt pattern on a piece of fabric with the text free pattern
(TWB-EP13) E-pattern P13 Ladybugs Patternlet
(TWB-EP13) E-pattern P13 Ladybugs Patternlet
a piece of paper with a watermelon print on it
(TWB-EP41) E-pattern P41 Watermelon Patternlet
(TWB-EP41) E-pattern P41 Watermelon Patternlet
a mason jar with strawberries and orange slices on it, sitting on top of a piece of paper
(TWB-EP42) E-pattern P42 Strawberry Lemonade Patternlet
(TWBP42) Strawberry Lemonade Patternlet
a piece of fabric with some flowers on it
(TWB-EP43) E-pattern P43 Beehive Patternlet
(TWBP43) Beehive Patternlet
a piece of paper with a cat face on it and a ball of yarn in the foreground
(TWB-EP44) E-pattern P44 Cat and Yarn Patternlet
(TWBP44) Cat and Yarn Patternlet
a gray bag with a dog on it and the words doggy bag written in white
FREEBIE August Printable
FREEBIE August Printable
two raccoon pictures with the words freebie and bee sweet on them are shown
FREEBIE June Printable
FREEBIE June Printable
the little quilts bookmark is decorated with an image of a man in a hat
Winterset, IA | Original Quilt Patterns
(TWBT13) July O Canada Moose PATTERN- alternative July pattern for our Canadian customers!
a book with an image of a dog on it and the title, freebie
FREEBIE May Printable
FREEBIE May Printable and pattern for a simple needle book from The Wooden Bear.
a basket filled with pillows sitting on top of a wooden table
FREEBIE April Printable
FREEBIE April Printable for Tissue Cozies by The Wooden Bear
a bag with a cat on it and the words freebie written in front of it
FREEBIE March Printable
FREEBIE March Printable
valentine's day treat bag with freebie printables on the front and back
FREEBIE February Printable
FREEBIE February Printable
an advertisement for coffee beans with the words freebie on it and two packets of coffee beans
FREEBIE January Printable
FREEBIE January Printable by The Wooden Bear. Use to make a mug mat, or one of the other free projects included with this series.
a christmas ornament hanging from a tree with the words, so were you good this year?
FREEBIE December Printable
FREEBIE December Printable by The Wooden Bear. Pillow ornament using EQ Printables Inkjet Fabric Sheets.