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    Dessert Recipes

    Discover recipes that will make your special occasion shine. From stunning cakes and brownies to cookies and cheesecakes, these dessert recipes will sweeten all your get-togethers.
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    Marshmallow Cherry Kisses – Maraschino cherries are tucked inside marshmallows, then dipped in melted chocolate for an easy sweet treat. Paired best with a cup of hot cocoa!

    Marshmallow Cherry Kisses Recipe

    Fluffy Orange Cake – Orange juice adds a burst of citrus flavor to a yellow cake mix. Baked in a tube pan, this luscious cake is dusted with powdered sugar before serving.

    Fluffy Orange Cake Recipe

    Easy Tiramisu — Our easy version of the classic tiramisu recipe lets you make the restaurant favorite dessert at home.

    Easy Tiramisu Recipe

    10 Brownie Recipes – When it comes to easy chocolate recipes, brownies pretty much take the cake! Bring the kids into the kitchen and get creative—the brownie possibilities are endless.

    Brownie Recipes

    Black Forest-Stuffed Cupcakes – Sure, you've tried classic black forest cake but have you ever had a Black Forest-Stuffed Cupcakes? Now is your chance—bake up a batch of this chocolate cupcake dessert recipe with cherry pie filling and a cream cheese center and then finish them off with a dollop of COOL WHIP!

    Black Forest-Stuffed Cupcakes Recipe

    Triple Layer Chocolate Pie -- Three is the magic number, especially when it comes to pie. Each cool, creamy, chocolaty layer in this dessert recipe is more delicious than the last.

    OREO Triple-Layer Chocolate Pie Recipe

    BAKER'S GERMAN'S Sweet Chocolate Chunk Cookies – Chocolate chunks, toasted coconut, and pecans are added to rich chocolate drop-cookie dough to echo the flavors of a classic chocolate cake!

    BAKER'S GERMAN'S Sweet Chocolate Chunk Cookies Recipe

    Triple Chocolate Whoopie Pies – If your holiday party guests like chocolate whoopie pies (and they probably do!), imagine how much they'll like this Triple-Chocolate Whoopie Pies recipe!

    Triple-Chocolate Whoopie Pies Recipe

    16 Strawberry Recipes - Nothing says summer like strawberries. Enjoy their luscious sweetness in everything from shakes and smoothies, strawberry cakes, easy cream pies, and savory side salads, too.

    Strawberry Recipes

    Cookies and Ice Cream Cheesecake -- This easy-to-make no-bake dessert recipe is sure to wow family and friends!

    Cookies and Ice Cream Cheesecake Recipe

    Heart-Shaped Marshmallow Gummies -- Ideal for kids' parties, pool parties and more, this adorable dessert can be made any color of the rainbow with JELL-O Gelatin.

    Heart-Shaped Marshmallow Gummies Recipe

    Cherry-Chocolate Layered Dessert — This easy layered dessert is a scrumptious twist on traditional Black Forest cake recipes—made with a chocolate wafer cookie crust and topped with dark sweet cherries.

    Cherry-Chocolate Layered Dessert Recipe

    Chocolate Passion Bowl – Chocolaty brownies with layers of pudding, whipped topping and fresh raspberries—all in one easy dessert recipe? Cue the applause.

    Chocolate Passion Bowl Recipe

    Easy Banana Pudding Parfaits – These adorable desserts are, in fact, a cinch to assemble—just a couple of simple ingredients and 15 minutes of prep! Not to mention, their creamy layers are wonderfully elegant as well.

    Easy Banana Pudding Parfaits Recipe

    Double-Chocolate Mousse – Hard to believe this creamy Double-Chocolate Mousse is a Healthy Living dessert recipe. But it is—and it's easy to make!

    Double-Chocolate Mousse Recipe

    Easy Chocolate Fudge — This fudge is divinely delicious—and way easier than you'd think. Customize the recipe just for your family, with everything from peanut butter to marshmallow.

    Easy Chocolate Fudge Recipe

    Chocolate-Peanut Butter Cookie Bars — With flavor just like Grandma's chocolate-peanut butter cookies, these dessert bars start with a cake mix, making prep a breeze.

    Chocolate-Peanut Butter Cookie Bars Recipe

    PHILADELPHIA-Cherry Danish Dessert – Skip the line at the bakeshop and make these scrumptious dessert squares at home. Prep time: just 15 minutes!

    PHILADELPHIA-Cherry Danish Dessert Recipe

    Slice & Bake Chocolate Cookies – Chocolate pudding mix and melted semi-sweet chocolate give the dough for these slice and bake cookies its double-chocolatey deliciousness.

    Slice & Bake Chocolate Cookies Recipe

    Creamy Lemon Squares -- In this dessert recipe, lemon shows us its sunny pop of color and its intense burst of flavor. Where would we be without it?

    Creamy Lemon Squares Recipe

    13 Anti-Valentine's Day Recipes – Even if you’re not a fan of celebrating the upcoming holiday, these 13 anti-Valentine’s Day recipes make an easy and delicious excuse to celebrate with friends!

    Anti-Valentine's Day Recipes

    To get started, you’ll need JELL-O Chocolate Flavor Instant Pudding, BAKER’S Semi-Sweet Chocolate and a few other household baking sundries. Repin and ignite the passion on your favorite Pinterest dessert board.

    Chocolate Passion Trifle Recipe

    Churros with Chocolate-Caramel Dipping Sauce – If you've never tried a freshly made churro—deep-fried to a golden brown, you'll really want to try these! Increase the deliciousness of this dessert recipe with this chocolate-caramel dipping sauce.

    Churros with Chocolate-Caramel Dipping Sauce Recipe

    Get started with BAKER’S ANGEL FLAKE Coconut, BAKER’S Semi-Sweet Chocolate and BAKER’S White Chocolate. Repin to share these elegant macaroons.

    Citrus-White Chocolate Macaroons Recipe

    7 Philadelphia Milk and Dark Chocolate Cream Cheese Recipes – PHILADELPHIA Milk and Dark Chocolate Cream Cheese Spreads are made with quality ingredients like fresh milk, real wholesome cream, and rich chocolate—making them the perfect addition to your breakfast recipe, afternoon snack, or late-night sweet treat!

    Philadelphia Milk and Dark Chocolate Cream Cheese Recipes