Fun with JELL-O

A lot of people don't know that JELL-O brand makes more than just JELL-O gelatin/pudding. FUN UP your baking repertoire with these JELL-O dessert ideas!

Fun with JELL-O

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‘Key Lime’ Cloud Squares — Get a taste of the tropics in this delicious dessert recipe—a cool treat that’s ready for the refrigerator after just 20 minutes of prep.

"Key Lime" Cloud Squares Recipe

JELL-O Sports Team JIGGLERS – No matter who you’re rooting for, these JELL-O JIGGLERS are sure to win big at your game day party table. Plus, kids are sure to enjoy their bright colors.

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Creamy JELL-O Mosaic Dessert – Cubes of rainbow-hued gelatin give this cool and refreshing dessert its mosaic-style appeal. Prepare for awed silence as you place it on the potluck table.

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Your guests will go loco over this creamy coconut creation. The best part- it’s easy as pie to make … literally. All you need to get started is some JELL-O Vanilla Flavor Instant Pudding, COOL WHIP Whipped Topping, BAKER’S ANGEL FLAKE Coconut, bananas and pineapple. Get tropical this summer with a pie that will drive everyone nuts. Coconuts, that is.

Tropical Coconut Cream Pie in Coconut Cookie Crust Recipe

Creamy Triple-Citrus Gelatin Dessert – Don't let those soft pastel colors fool you. This triple-citrus gelatin mold is a powerhouse recipe in the dessert category.

Creamy Triple-Citrus Gelatin Dessert Recipe

Strawberry Pretzel Squares – This classic summer dessert recipe features a crunchy pretzel crust, a creamy center and a fresh strawberry and JELL-O Strawberry Flavor Gelatin topping.

Strawberry Pretzel Squares Recipe

JELL-O® Rhubarb-Berry Jam – In this recipe, fresh rhubarb, sugar, and water are cooked briefly, combined with strawberry gelatin, and spooned into canning jars for delicious homemade jam.

JELL-O® Rhubarb-Berry Jam Recipe

JELL-O® JIGGLERS® – Why steer away from a classic when your family enjoys JELL-O the way it was intended—in fun, jiggly shapes?

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JELL-O Wiggly JIGGLERS Worms – Kids may squeal with delight as they eat these wiggly worms made from gelatin, cut into strips, and served on a plate of chocolate-cookie-crumb “dirt.”

JELL-O® Wiggly JIGGLERS® Worms Recipe

Creamy Layered Squares – Luscious layers of creamy whipped filling, strawberry JELL-O, and airy whipped topping in a dessert that takes just 15 minutes? Yes.

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Strawberry Pretzel Squares – This classic summer dessert recipe features a crunchy pretzel crust, a creamy center and a fresh strawberry and JELL-O Strawberry Flavor Gelatin topping.

Strawberry Pretzel Squares Recipe
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Rhubarb-Vanilla Meringues - These yummy morsels of rhubarb-vanilla flavored meringues, made with sugar-free JELL-O Pudding and COOL WHIP LITE, are just about as scrumptious as could be!

Rhubarb-Vanilla Meringues Recipe

Strawberry JELL-O Upside-Down Cake – Here's a twist on strawberry shortcake, and what an impressive twist it is—with layers of cake, JELL-O, COOL WHIP and fresh berries.

Strawberry JELL-O Upside-Down Cake Recipe

JELL-O JIGGLERS Skewers – Why choose between fun and delicious when you could have both in the same dessert? These berry-licious JELL-O skewers will bring out the kid in everyone.

JELL-O JIGGLERS Skewers Recipe

Patriotic Poke Cake — We pledge allegiance to a dessert that shows its colors this deliciously. Serve with fresh blueberries and red strawberries and you'll cause even more revelry.

Patriotic Poke Cake Recipe - Kraft Recipes

All-American Trifle — Show your colors with red, white and blue stripes in this top-rated, deliciously smart and fruity dessert recipe.

All-American Trifle Recipe - Kraft Recipes
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Patriotic Layers -- This dessert recipe is sure to be a hit at your 4th of July party! Garnish with addition fruit and serve.

Patriotic Layers Recipe - Kraft Recipes

Red, White and Blueberry Parfaits -- This patriotic parfait recipe layers red gelatin cubes, whipped topping and blueberries in dessert dishes. Serve for the 4th of July!

Red, White & Blueberry Parfaits Recipe - Kraft Recipes

Red, White and Blue Mold — Flavored gelatin, berries and vanilla ice cream are layered in this dessert recipe that is sure to be a star of any patriotic party.

Red, White and Blue Mold Recipe - Kraft Recipes

JELL-O Easy Patriotic Flag Dessert -- To serve at non-patriotic occasions, prepare recipe as directed, topped with your choice of fresh fruit or well-drained canned fruits.

JELL-O® Easy Patriotic Flag Dessert Recipe - Kraft Recipes
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July 4th Dessert Bowl -- Here's a terrific way to get a bowlful of scrumptiousness on the 4th of July dessert table--without having to crank up the oven. Garnish with small paper American flags just before serving.

July 4th Dessert Bowl Recipe - Kraft Recipes
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Layered Pineapple Salad – This nutty pineapple JELL-O salad has only two layers, but oh how sweet they are together!

Layered Pineapple Salad Recipe

Kaleidoscope Mold – Looking to dazzle your guests, young and old, with an amazingly colorful and flavorful dessert dish? Look no further than this recipe for Kaleidoscope Mold JELL-O!

Kaleidoscope Mold Recipe

Kaleidoscope Mold – You'll need just three ingredients to make this colorful dessert. The hardest part of this easy recipe? Waiting for the gelatin mixture to completely cool in the refrigerator.

Kaleidoscope Mold Recipe

JELL-O Chocolate Pudding Fudge -- One surefire way to get the smoothest, creamiest microwave fudge ever? Add some JELL-O Chocolate Pudding. That's the secret to this easy dessert recipe.

JELL-O Chocolate Pudding Fudge Recipe