Duck tape prom

Sarcasm Because Beating the Hell Out of People is Illegal: Duct Tape Prom Attire pics). Duct tape fixed everything!

50 Duct Tape Craft Ideas — Saved By Love Creations

Easy video tutorial on making pen with Rose on top. Duct Tape Craft Ideas — Saved By Love Creations

How to make an R2D2 out of a laundry hamper and duct tape.

How to make a robot costume

Snacks, costumes, loot bags and more: Get the gears in motion for a robot-themed party that will have your little android jumping for joy.

Duct Tape Lanyard

Crafty Soccer Mom: Duct Tape Lanyard Make these for bathroom passes! Love creating with duct tape.

duct tape costumes, alice in wonderland themed

Duct Tape Dress For Prom

Duct tape is one of those products that can be used or at least attempted in every situation. Another fun aspect of duct tape is that is can be made into a lot of different things. Here is a collection of duct tape creations.


Duct Tape Lily

This duct tape lily is a super simple variation on the classic duct tape rose.