Halloween gingerbread house

I need to make one next year - used this idea as an inspiration for our Halloween gingerbread house. made our house using chocolate graham crackers instead of gingerbread.

Gingerbread house

Next level house decorating! I love the dark brown walls and the lovely detail around the windows and the wood grain on the door. Cute shape too!

fairy garden well

Make a Wish! - Now that's a lovely fairy garden well. do some planting over the fairy wishing well I got at Kroger.

Personalized Wired Wooden Gingerbread House

Personalized Wired Wooden Gingerbread House for our christmas jammie party? We can see who does a very show like gingerbread house.

gingerbread house

Spring gingerbread house-I make Ginger bread houses every Christmas, however, it is a hectic time of year. Some years, I have opted to make a spring or halloween gingerbread house. The candy varieties are easy to find and the calendar is not as full.

pink gingerbread house

I'm not into gingerbread houses, but this one is so pretty. Especially love the rock candy trees flanking the front door and the shimmery pink accent balls on the roof.