I haven't seen this kind of photo before...neat!

Amazing photo idea if you're wearing a gown with a corset back! My dress will be a corset back

I have never seen this shot and I LOVE IT!!

I have never seen this shot and I love it! wedding rings for the bible verse

I like the idea of just a vest for the groom. Screw the tux, especially if it is a summer wedding.

love the dress, the fact that he's not wearing a jacket, and the kiss on the forehead. Everything about this picture is perfect. love the grooms color

This would make a cute picture while you are getting ready. #Vintage # Wedding #Ideas

Ok, I just have to say that curlers NEVER look this nice and put together in the morning for me. But, the idea of drinking tea with perfect curlers in your hair is nice.

Love this perspective. A Cute Way To Focus On The Flowers But Still Have The Bride and Groom In The Picture.

5 Ideas That All My Brides MUST See! (Get Your Pinning Finger Ready!)

Love the angle on this bouquet shot! But make the bride and groom in black in white and only make the flowers in color.