Clean Cupcake Crusade

Clean Cupcake Crusade

Clean Cupcake Crusade
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Black sandpaper on top to light matches

For the bathrooms: Mason jar match holder. Cut out a piece of black sandpaper that is the same size as a mason jar lid. Glue the piece of sandpaper on the lid with hot glue. Fill mason jars with matches, close the lid and you are ready to go.

No matter if you have owned the cricut or are in the market for one, here are the tips and ideas that you need to make the most out of your cutter  The...

My next investment.The Cricut paper cutter has been the most popular line of paper cutter on the market. Are you getting the most from your Cricut? Get tips and ideas to get the most from your Cricut here


Geocaching Interview: Trackables Gone Missing

Geocaching Placard - good for "in case of emergency" situations

VEHICLE PLACARD - Laminate and use wipeable marker. Hang in car to show why and where you are in case of emergency - What a clever and sensible idea