Christmas morning!!! Champagne Ice Cubes for Orange Juice! Genius!

champagne ice cubes for orange juice in the morning! Good way to save leftover champagne, too. OR orange juice ice cubes for your champagne!~ a little mimosa action :) love this idea!

Bridal Shower He does She Does Game Printable.... This could be fun!

Bridal Shower He does She Does Game DIY

Bridal Shower He does She Does Game Printable. fun games and possible party prize for winning table?

A little late for our wedding (this Friday!), but maybe someone will have time to make us this sign.

"Our wedding will have an open bar. It will also be heavily photographed, so any drunken shenanigans will be well documented and thoroughly mocked for years to come. Proceed with caution." I'm using this. not sure of an open bar but this is funny

Wedding Note to Bride & Groom Printable File

Wedding Note to Bride and Groom Printable File, how cute! Do a little Madlibs for the young kids at the wedding too!

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Sooooo true ❤️ vodka

"Trust Me, You Can Dance" - Vodka 40 Awesome Signs You’ll Want At Your Wedding A good message is a telltale sign it’s going to be a great day.

Best mimosas to try. Substitute orange juice with orange serbert. A best summer time brunch.

Replace OJ in mimosas with orange/tangerine sorbet. If you’re hosting a brunch, you want your guests to remember this easy two-ingredient drink that looks elegant. Substitute orange sherbet for orange juice and you have a mimosa you’ll never forget.

Some kind of time capsule would be neat! In a wine bottle or something. But wait like 5 years

Our Rustic and Romantic Handcrafted Wedding - Upcycled Treasures Time Capsule - LOVE this idea! This is a real neat idea.

Wedding Note to Bride Groom Printable File by Cre8tivWedding, $12.00

Nautical Wedding Printable note for guests to fill out for the bride and groom - what a cute idea! Perfect for a DIY wedding :) Blue and silver. Perfect for guest tables

Haha this is too cute for the ring bearer!

Uncle Sign -Last Chance - Uncle - Here comes the bride - One sided - Wedding Sign, Flower Girl Sign, Ring Bearer, Aisle sign - too funny!

Heavens to Betsy > Bridal Shower Games. This has website has 4 games on it that could be pretty good.

Heavens to Betsy: BRIDAL SHOWER GAMES bridal shower, mad lib, letter, games.bridal shower games for steph!

Cute idea for a welcome sign

Before I get into all the things that have charmed my socks right off about this sweet fête, I simply must thank Cramer Photo for sending it our way. It's a splash of sunshine with a side of charm, and

Strawberry mimosas. Strawberry purée instead of orange juice

10 Fun Summer Beverage Ideas

Yeahhhh it doesn't matter what type of mimosa it's a mimosa! Strawberry Mimosas - strawberry puree and champagne…much better than orange juice!

New Printable Bridal or wedding shower game from OKlovelies4u on Etsy

Color Customized Printable Wedding/Bridal Shower Game - How Well Do You Know

or how well do you know the BRIDES. New Printable Bridal or wedding shower game from on Etsy Check out Dieting Digest