Bob's Big Boy

Bobs BigBoy in Burbank! Where all big boys began this is big boy # 1 too cool!


Before I die I want to tour Disney studios, which means doing the 6 day Disney adventure. Definitely up for it.

This Halloween!  Teal Pumpkin Project - Food Allergy Research & Education

The Teal Pumpkin Project is to help support and raise awareness to those children with food allergies. Consider making your home a teal pumpkin home! If You Have Food Allergies, Look for Teal Pumpkins on Halloween


Porto's Cuban Bakery in Burbank/Downey CA love the Cheese turnovers, guava pastry and fried mashed potatoes balls with beef!


Fry's Electronics Burbank CA. because the Marcellino boys love this. And I wouldn't have my new life without the Marcellino's!

Romancing the Bean - Burbank, CA

Romancing the Bean - Burbank

rA Organic Spa

Love this place rA Organic Spa--Burbank

Heaven on my local corner.

Mindfulnest is one of my favorite spots. Handcrafted products by local artists including my friend Jennifer Hardaway's fab spa products!