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    Christian. Wife. Mom. Daughter. Crimson Tide fan!!!

    Boot Clips, Boot Straps Stirrups -- Boot Snugs Boot Straps Pant Clips for Smooth Jeans in Boots (1 Pair, Black) - Boot Snugs help keep your pants tucked snugly inside your boots. This prevents the uncomfortable feeling and unsightly look of bunched up pant legs at the knees. One pair will perfectly assist in keep... - Boots - Kitchen

    Strawberry Shortcake ~ Easy recipe with 2 gourmet layers of cake filled with whipped cream and sliced strawberries.

    Clydesdale - Draft horse Know what I love about drafts? That nose!!!! I love the rounded, convex noses!!!!!

    The Most Gorgeous Horses of Different Colors You've Ever Seen. Celebrate Kentucky Derby Day! - grabberwocky

    HORSE: Stunning white grand GYPSY VAN with flowing white mane, tail and hoof feathers standing in the sand against crashing ocean waves.

    Gorgeous feathers at the hooves / fetlocks of this black and white show horse! No wonder it's one of my MOST POPULAR RE-PINS! Reminds me of a huge version of a sweet Dalmation puppy - or similar to a brindle color markings Great Dane -#DdO:) - Find GORGEOUS HORSES AND MORE at - Beautiful and fun equine portraits plus donkeys, mules, colts and fillies. PHOTO CREDIT: þórhildurharpa on Flickr

    amazing beauty! The Magnificent Gypsy Vanner…Photo by Westmoreland Farm…

    #8. The Friesian-Gypsy Vanner Crossbreed from "These 10 Rare And Beautiful Horses Are Like Nothing You’ve EVER Seen!"

    To all my followers: I'm sorry I'm pinning a lot of horse stuff . . . it's not a phase . . . and if you don't like horses, you can unfollow this board! XP

    beautiful...reminds me so much of my Muffin Kitty Cat..a ragdoll. Rag doll cats have so much personality.

    Persian - The Persian is perhaps the most widely recognized cat breed, known for its extremely long, fluffy coat, very stocky body type, large eyes, and flat face. Persians are available in a myriad of colors and patterns including the pointed pattern called Himalayan.

    so pretty...... Himalayan cat - Himalayan cats are the result of crossbreeding Siamese with Persian cats.

    "Misia" Blue Lynx Point Toy Himalayan Kitten ...maybe I could be a dog person AND a cat person...

    Yes, I have a dream kitten/cat! In a few years hopefully :) (Ragdoll kittens)

    The Ragdoll is a cat breed with blue eyes and a distinct colorpoint coat. It is a large and muscular semi-longhair cat with a soft and silky coat. Ragdoll is very gentle and affectionate. They are incredibly affectionate but also undemanding, very tolerant, and an excellent choice for introducing to people who are usually shy or wary of cats. Also they have an amazing fur.

    Ragdoll cat breeders - Ragdoll kittens for Sale in Ohio, Cincinnati, Columbus.

    Ragdoll is a very intelligent blue eyed cat breed. They learn very quickly from the dogs and always copy the styles of a puppy. It looks very amazing when they act like a dog. And they grow very big in size relatively. A male ragdoll may weigh about 15lbs.

    Everest the Australian Shepherd / Border Collie. Oh my goodness! For more cute puppy pics visit

    Alaskan Klee Kai, 18" tall fully grown. I want one. adorable. Megan McCarthy Ward Ward Ward Ward Eiserloh

    "Aren't you gonna pet me? Look into my baby blues and tell me you're gonna pet me!" (via Pets Lovers)

    Dapple dachshunds puppies. Squealing all around! Awwww..... So adorable!!!!

    With these stylish and ultra-comfy Sperry rain boots, there's no need to forego fashion due to weather. Whether jumping in the waves or splashing through puddles, these waterproof beauties will keep feet dry and totally warm.

    ALABAMA FOOTBALL! Roll tide!

    whoville cookies are easy to make and they are so festive for the holidays! You can change the colors if you want to as well to make them what ever color your want to. These are fun christmas cookies that kids and adults will both love and they are a great christmas cookie recipe


    Lettering Sketches by Maria Toczynska, via Behance (lyrics by Coldplay (Yellow is a beautifull song) ♥ )