I just want Elsa hair..

Since I have to do this for Sammie for Halloween. Elsa Frozen Hairstyle How To Get Braids As Big As Her Hair Tutorial Frozen Elsa’s secret to her big, messy, and voluminous French braid. source How To Do Disney’s Frozen Elsa Braid Hairstyle

I'm making this this weekend.. sounds like a plan to me

Vodka Coffee Mug - I will be making one of these! too funny (and we def used to have to drink wine/vodka out of mugs in Italy)

The entire first chapter of Harry Potter written under the stairs. Love.

Feeling Bookish? 35 Book-Inspired Decor Ideas

An entire chapter of Harry Potter written on the wall in the closet under the stairs. I was already planning on having a closet under the stairs, now this is also happening. I want a harry potter quote in our harry potter closet

Truth on a glass

I want this glass. But replace dog with cat. And then someone buy me a cat?

Um.. yes please

HOGWARTS ALUMNI Shirt Harry Potter Shirt Sweatshirt Sweater Unisex - silk screen handmade on Etsy (to go with my Starfleet alumni shirt,

So wise!

Wise Words of Phil Robertson-Duck Dynasty "you're gonna be there for 50 years and you dont even know whether she can cook or not? What kind of thinkin' is that? "Well, we'll just live off love". Not really you'll starve to death" lol! Go Phil!

Don't look back, you're not going that way. - this looks familiar ;)

Adorable print quote artwork print: "Excuse the mess but we life here" /inspirational art print / art print / quote art / wall art / inspirational quote

Wonderful Lotion :)

the best LOTION for dry skin

If you have really dry skin or eczema cup of coconut oil, cup of shea butter, 10 drops of Lavender, 10 drops of Melaleuca alternifolia (tea tree oil)


Is it just me or are all of the "hot men" these days more feminine? Sorry, but none of the boys on the left measure up to the rugged manly charm of the real men on the right . It's boys to men!


Let that sink in. It only took one person. Freddie mercury wrote Bohemian Rhapsody solo but. Goes to show why most music now a days SUCKS! Freddie Mercury is the Man!

I miss my kitty pants!

Women's fitted cotton T-shirt Kitties Will Puke😂😂😂😂 🙌🏻 I hate cats😂😂