little red riding hood.

Little Red Riding Hood (paper ring framed in shadow box) Elsa Mora

Once Upon A Time

Once upon a Time (tv show). I love this show. I started watching after a friend told me to watch it cause I LOVE Disney and she said I would love it. she was right and wrong. I freaking love it and I am obsessed with it

Sleeping Beauty - sleeping-beauty Fan Art

Fanart of Maleficent, the dark fairy of Sleeping Beauty who curses Aurora. While Sleeping Beauty is not Disney& best film, Maleficent is certainly their most awesome villain. She moves with b.

Dragons, dragons, dragons...

Inheritance Cycle Collection Christopher Paolini 4 Books Set Pack Eragon, Eldest

Inheritance Series - Christopher Paolini (Eragon, Brisingr, Eldest, and Inheritance)