I'm a dog and guinea pig person mostly, but other animals, especially baby animals, can be way too freaking adorable!!
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guinea pig actions printable - Bing Images

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Wild Guinea Pig Playing With Butterflies | Bored Panda

Wild Guinea Pig Playing With Butterflies

The reality, in this case, is OK with me!

From Tafi the pig sharing Cuyos... - Australian Cavy Sanctuary Brisbane Shelter

Once upon a time, we had 13 of them. The Guinea Pig Whisperer!

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Baby guinea pig in a stroller!

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Oh Smoothie | | My Guinea Pig Facebook

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this is too funny!

(Ok so, you should never bathe a guinea pig in water unless it is absolutely necessary / last resort - but my goodness this is adorable)

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OMG hilarious! Wo designs this stuff? Guinea pig bed!

Christmas Stuff

If Animal Names Were Honest - 22 Pics

If Animal Names Were Honest - 22 Pics

Cavia fotolijst / cavia knuffel / bruine cavia Furry Frame


Guinea pig plush picture frame / guinea pig photo frame / brown plush guinea pic toy / stuffed animal guinea pig / keepsake guinea pig

Guinea pigs <3

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This guy was born yesterday- apple for scale. #guineapig #cavy #cute


Look at that little piggy nose!

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Guard pig

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Farmer Palmer's idea to keep guinea pigs cool in summer hot weather

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Lol awww

Move Along - Cheezburger

Stuff my guinea pig does, part 2…

Stuff my guinea pig does....I don't even, why is this so funny? Is he making another guinea pig into stew?!?!?

Stuff my guinea pig does…

On slow days in the pet store, the guinea pigs would build a fort....

Guinea Pig Party House

Would rescue teams know you had pets in the house? Give yourself a piece of mind knowing that they will be rescued in the event of an emergency! This is a MUST HAVE for all pet owners! **Every purchase feeds 4 shelter dogs!

2-Pack Pet Alert Stickers: Recommended for Every Door & Window of Your Home

Teddy bear hamster on a walk?? #adorable #pets

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i wasn't aware that guinea pigs like stuffed animals. i'll have to put one in the new cage ... YES! They love them .. use them as pillows :) piggies love them. We wash them along with their beds each week.

Bear Cuddles! |

Common breeds of guinea pigs


Types of Guinea Pigs

Cute guinea piggie and its mummy.

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