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Ethel Granger ~ The smallest waist in history!

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Whatever happened to mystery, allure, glamour, being a lady?

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  • Vanessa Jane Warren
    Vanessa Jane Warren

    That's just sad all around!

  • Rowan Anderson
    Rowan Anderson

    we got bored

Who thought this was a good idea?

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Back to school! #nailpolish #fingernail

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I am Rinkimirikukikiku. Just call me Rinkimir for short!

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  • •Eloise•      ~☺♥☮ ~
    •Eloise• ~☺♥☮ ~

    kutamokiariku Srsly?

You can find a tutorial for ANYTHING online, huh? This one is for "Peeing in Your Wedding Dress". Too good to not pin.

Peeing While Wearing the Dress

These would go with the manicure


First day of school manicure? LOL!

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  • Brown Cat
    Brown Cat

    LOL!! I HAVE to show my daughter this!!!