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I love you Rob, you are all this and so much more to me. Thanks for being there for me today. What do you mean "today?" I'm going to be there everyday for the rest of our lives Sweetheart. Everyday. I love you Tasha. I love you too Rob. xoxoxo

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You won't always be burned out and run down by trying to change the things that you can't. Save that strength for things hat you know you actually can change. Forget the things that you can't because they are only going to worry and and stress you more.

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I need to remember these points for my own self development. I've just realized that I get oddly less productive after either a compliment (arrogant and lazy) or a criticism (devastated and demotivated). The way forward is somewhere in the middle.

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being happy is what YOU MAKE happen, with your decisions, morals, actions t'wards others, a relationship, is just the cherry on top. if you're not happy while single, you won't be happier in a relationship....your problems will only resurface, only this time, you have to deal with twice the emotional baggage.

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You don't always need a plan. Sometimes you just need to breathe, trust, let go and see what happens. Same goes with running. You don't need to find a route, just put on your running sneakers, head out and just run it. #running #motivation #quotes