Ansel Adams, Self-Portrait ca 1930

Ansel Adams, American Photographer of the Landscape working with high contrast in black and white, highlights and dark shadows at odd angles. His works are probably the most valued photographs in America today. He made photography an art form.

Salvador Dali by Irving Penn, 1947

Irving Penn's, Corner Portrait, Salvador Dali, New York, 1947 for Vogue Magazine. Copyright of The Irving Penn Foundation.

Alfred Hitchcock by Albert Watson, 1973

Find the latest shows, biography, and artworks for sale by Albert Watson. Blind in one eye, Albert Watson studied graphic design prior to becoming a photogra…


Leo Film Director - Alfred Hitchcock - August 13 We are birthday twins


James Dean on the set of Rebel Without A Cause, Photographed by Sid Avery. (Movie Star News Collection/Guernsey's)

Tilda by Avedon .... She is always so beautiful

Photographed by Richard Avedon: Tilda Swintons unique bone structure and face is explored in this straight forward photograph.