Krista Karn
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Flower Hanging Basket

This years theme for the cone baskets is a multicoloured 'baroque' style using a mixture of purple, pink and carmine flowers offset with lime green foliage. The plants were planted in a specialist hanging basket compost which included water retention.

Hanging succulent basket. It looks like a jellyfish! I have succulents and old hanging baskets.

Its a Bloody Jelly Fish!Dichondra Silver Falls hanging plant with succulents on top make a jellyfish-like arrangement! Looks like the top succulents are planted on an upside-down mesh planter? Will edit if I find out more!


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▶ Zombie Makeup Tutorial! Maybe maybe make Joey and I zombies for Halloween!? Haha just in case :)

How to do a easy Zombie Makeup Tutorial. i like how she contours the ribs through the whole in her shirt, the collar bones and the neck with just a red lip stick and brown powder, I also liked the boils made out of sprit gum that she put on the face.