Wow dude.

Parenting Fail: Just Put The Baby On The Floor Mom - Gotta get our Slurpee

Haha!!! This is too funny!!!

Can’t explain it, mom…

Just show them this

Next Time Someone Questions Your Tattoo, Just Show Them This. Amazing.

Old people with tattoos really are badass. My mom is gonna be one of those badass old ladies with a tattoo.

Haha! yes. :)

Free, Confession Ecard: Top 3 qualities I want in a man: funny, attractive, and a good understanding of "happy wife, happy life".


Deann on

Tim Tebow xD, thank God their are still people who stand up for their faith.

haha! Hilarious!

Tim Hawkins how to raise your hands in worship. I totally go to a hand raising church.where a woman has only one hand up, fairly close to her body, with her fingers slightly splayed? "Get the goo off my hand"

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Want to eat the cheese and cupcake, but still lose weight. Our life dilemma!