Rice heating pad tutorial. -I've been making these, and this tutorial is great!

Homemade rice heating pad- this is going to be a fun Christmas gift to make! If I only had a sewing machine.

DIY Skirt, this is adorable.

DIY Skirt, this is adorable. love this skirt! but i want someone else to make it for me because im not that great with the sewing machine

CRAZY amazing website... I cannot imagine how long this took to put together!

Best home sewing tutorials: CRAZY amazing website. I cannot imagine how long this took to put together!

Tutorial on how to make heating pads...sooo easy and they look so cute~ You pick your favorite fabric!

Hot/Cold Therapy Sacks with Poem supplies needed: sewing machine thread fabric - at least a fat quarter wheat (You can use rice too) essential oil - you pick the scent

tutorial on how to convert an old tee into a Jane Eyre- era shrug.

T Shirt Shrug

T Shirt Shrug easy thing to make for me or Aria.I have a ton of old t-shirts sitting around.

Is this not the most fun apron! I don't know if/when I'd ever wear it, but I love it!

Handmade Harry Potter Gryffindor Apron - Bakingdom -- I want one of these for Hufflepuff! im make a doctor who one!

Create a 20 minute tote bag with bright fun fabrics

Twenty Minute Tote - Make a tote bag DIY project in just twenty minutes with this sewn tote bag pattern. - DIY Home Project

Car Trash Bag

Hanging Trash Bag by Finny Knits. Sometimes all the junk in the car gathers with no where to go. It's time to organize your traveling space. Make the Hanging Trash Bag. With this easy sewing project, your car will stay clean and tidy.

Ruffle shirt

Fabulous Anthro Inspired Shirt

This shirt only costs 5 dollars to make! That's a lot less than a similar Anthropologie shirt would cost. You can make the Fabulous Anthro-Inspired Shirt with a 4 dollar t-shirt and a 1 dollar store towel. Thrifty and cute!

13 ways to sew a scarf

33 Ways to Learn How to Sew a Scarf + Infinity Scarf Patterns

Check out this Lightweight Spring Infinity Scarf Tutorial by Lindsay Wilkes from The Cottage Mama. The easy beginner sewing tutorial is super simple!