Colibri - Sara Ligari #art #illustration

We're loving this pen drawing by Sara Ligari. The negative space works really well, and the drawing is detailed yet 'clean' looking.

This Teenage Girl Pulled Off Some Of The Best "Frozen" Cosplay You'll Ever See... BEAUTIFUL!!

Happily Grim: Disney Dress Tutorials for Not-So-Grownups (updated with Elsa and Anna costumes!) - Best Elsa remake I have seen to date!

Ksenia Federova - Glass Merchant

Ksenia Federova - Glass Merchant - I like both the layering and the hair styling…


Illusion of darkness and fire Audrey Dutroux is a talented digital artist from Italy. Audrey created digital artwork with amazing painting style, artistic skills and an interesting use of colors. She uses Paint Tool SAI for lines and colors, PhotoShop fo

Angelina Wrona

Angelina Wrona Timide Lapin Mini Art Block By Angelina Wrona