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These hyper-realistic paintings by Spanish artist Josep Moncada Juaneda have me yearning for a refreshing dip in the pool. Take A Dip - Josep Moncada Juaneda

At the Beach Life is Different.

At the Beach Life is Different. This is so true! Makes sense why I love being at the beach so much :)

Beautiful picture of clouds, sun, and water. This is a great picture to include when talking about the sun heating up the water!

Crystal clear water of Saipan, in the Northern Mariana Islands. Like there's not even a grain of sand in that water!

Kaanapali Beach, Maui

Huge palms cast their shadows on Kaanapali Beach, Maui. One of the most beautiful beaches in Hawaii. Like to go back to visit the pink sand beaches of Maui.


:Divi Divi Trees in Aruba - bent in the constant wind! They will grow at a 45 degree angle. Sometimes you can't even sit on the beach in Aruba - you get sand-blasted. See my comments on Aruba on my other pin.

crabs | jenny lee-katz.

This contemporary Fun Crab Design in seafoam blue is ideal for beach huts and coastal themes. Jenny Lee-Katz's contemporary and eco-friendly textiles will brighten up any beach house decor.


This is gorgeous! Reminds me of the beach house this has to be photo shopped though, right?