handprint giraffe

tons of cute hand and foot print ideas here. giraffe hand print for lala

Paper Flowers Project

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I totally came up with this first!! lol my kids have been doing this for years...

This company takes your kid's drawing and turns it into a toy. What kid wouldn't want their drawing turned into a toy!

handprint heart

Hand print art Handprint crafts- would be cute as a valentines day craft or I'm thinking of using it as a family craft with everyone putting their hands in to make the heart.

Good way to recycle.

How to Turn a Milk Jug into a Sandwich Box

Before you toss your next plastic milk jug into the recycling bin, you just might want to turn it into a sandwich/lunch box. No need for a lunch box? Could be a cute gift box. {Need: milk jug, marker, scissors, thumbtack and an adhesive-backed Velcro}

Blow paint monsters. Thin some tempera paint with water. drop small ammounts on paper - then use a straw to blow the paint across the page making "monster" shapes.

Blow paint monsters: Thin some tempera paint with water. Drop small amounts on paper, then use a straw to blow the paint across the page, making "monster" shapes. Add mouths and wiggly eyes.

another paper project

Make a paper cross that is humble but beautiful by using recycled materials. This Recycled Paper Cross is made out of magazine strips. The cross tutorial will show you the techniques on how to make a cross that will allow you to use any paper.