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    Parenting strategies

    Parenting strategies

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    Would you be honest if you knew it would cause you humiliation, a lecture, a punishment or being yelled at? It’s hard for a child to tell th...

    Lying - Positive Parenting Solutions

    Teaching Our Kids to Be Safe - More than Rubies

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    safety rules for all kids

    The Most Important Things Many Parents Forget To Teach Their Kids

    What to say to your anxious child

    13 Helpful Phrases You Can Say to Calm an Anxious Child - Lemon Lime Adventures

    I just made this to put up in my house. I love this idea. So important for us all to learn! Idea came from this website:

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    Encouraging Kids - Eighteen years after my dad died, I can still hear him, when I get too serious saying, "Lighten up, Lissy!" And in moments of complete self doubt and embarrasment, I bolster myself by thinking of him singing, "Oops, you made a mistake, and you're beautiful to me." To this day I can hear...

    64 Positive Things to Say to Kids

    Build Kids Up with Nourishing Affirmation in 30 Seconds: ABCs of Affirmation

    Build Kids Up with Nourishing Affirmation in 30 Seconds

    How to raise a happy child while disciplining less

    How to raise a happy child…

    How To Discipline A Child – The Rubber Band Method. What works for kids with a brain that normally processes information doesn't work so well with a kid who has a Ferrari brain and bicycle brakes.

    How To Discipline A Child - The Rubber Band Method | LJSkool

    10 Ways to Stop a Tantrum

    10 Ways to Stop a Tantrum

    This is such a beautiful idea. I'm going to start doing it with my kids. Use your nighttime routine to foster open communication with your child. Talking about these things will helps your child go to bed happily and peacefully, and will warm your heart at the same time!

    3 Questions to Ask Your Child Every Night - Eyes On Heaven

    10 Body Safety Rules To Teach Our Children

    10 Body Safety Rules

    They're simple. You and I do them every day - - but this after school checklist will helpfully remind my kids what needs to be done when they walk in the door from a long day at the "office".

    After School Checklist - Pulling Curls

    Sometimes toddlers develop very bad habits -- behavior that is rude and unacceptable. And sometimes, busy moms don't recognize the behavior. It took two well-meaning adults to point out my toddler's negative behavior and open my eyes. Check out this list to see if you need to address some bad habits in your toddler's life!

    9 No Good, Very Bad Toddler Habits » Pint-sized Treasures

    Parents usually have good desires for their kids. They want kids to be respectful, responsible, faithful, obedient, and so on. But when parents make these behaviors their primary goals for parenting, their kids tend to resist. Why?

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    30 Day Mom Challenge - iMom

    30 Day Mom Challenge - iMom

    Instead of just saying Don't Touch, focus on what kids CAN do to help them resist the allure of touching. #parenting ~ Danya Banya

    A Positive Alternative to 'Don't Touch!' - Danya Banya

    The day I overheard my 7 year old daughter singing Lets go all the way tonight! was the day I knew our family had to do something different with music in our house.

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    For children to stand strong they need parents who model joy-filled sexuality in a marriage, and communicate more clearly and passionately than the culture that surrounds them.

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    What do you do when your kids turn up the heat and your blood starts boiling? There's a way to think of a better consequence when you are mad!

    How to Think of a Better Consequence When Mad

    15 rules to foster good behavior in children

    15 Rules To Foster Good Behavior In Children

    teaching kids not to gossip

    Teaching Kids Not to Gossip: A Great Family Night Topic

    Print out and keep on your fridge--an easy way to help you keep your kids safe

    How to Keep Kids Safe -

    Phrases to encourage children to share.

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