An Illustrative Reimagining of the Letter "R" (Try it At Home

Just paint your letter. The letter R has never meant much to me, but Eleonora Kolycheva is challenging my ambivalence with her hand-painted typography.

Fishing time by Clarissa Corradin

Fishing time by Clarissa Corradin Shows the depth of the set and the precise placement of shrubbery and rocks. So that the child who is also designed may move through with ease

Merry Christmas And Happy New Year Cards

Merry Christmas and happy new year cards. Merry Christmas for your friends and loved ones. Free online Merry Christmas & Happy New Year cards on Christmas.

"an ode to candy and fashion." - Loish

Gumdrop Art Print by Loish on // Digital art print, digital illustration print, digital painting print, gift ideas, gift idea

Learn the origins of the most popular and iconic home design styles, and how to…

All about every single popular and iconic home exterior style. Check out this visual guide to learn all about house's history, design style, and characteristics. Visit In The New House Designs to see the full guide.

Lisk Feng - When Marnie was there

Lisk Feng: When Marnie Was There This series is for the Chinese translated version of the famous novel When Marnie was there, written by Joan G. When Marnie Was There, is a 2014 Japanese.