halloween for babies

Justin would love this: Princess Leia baby costume. We could all do Star Wars :)

Baby Shower

Whale Cake - I love love love whales. This will be the inspiration for a baby/birthday cake if and when we have a boy!

hot dog. yup i went there.

The puppy wiener dog is just so cute I want to bring it home. It is so small it fits into a hotdog bun. This Dachshund puppy is too .

Unique Baby Cakes.

Mickey Birthday Cake (thinking BG may need to have a MickeyMouse Club House party.so I can make this for her :) )

Very Hungry Caterpillar

I really want Emma to have a very hungry hungry caterpillar first birthday party! The Very Hungry Caterpillar Birthday: Guides, Tips & Videos

Handprint calendar!!  So cute.

Handprint art - for every month - would be a great calendar gift! This is actually cute handprint idea! But I'd do a pink heart. red hands are too creepy for me!

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