No more need to change the toilet paper roll. Just drop and pull! Not for when I have  toddler in in the house but, later...

Steal This Look: Elizabeth Roberts Brooklyn Bath

Toilet Roll Holder Porcelain - No one has to change the roll. How easy can it be now! What an awesome idea! Um, Husband, I want this, pls!

Holy shitsnacks, what took so long?

Clever tub design, Great use of space. Sides of bathtub fold out to reveal tons of storage space for all your bathing needs. When they're closed it make a nice and neat look.

Artichoke Mixed Book Page Pendant Light - Hanging Paper Lantern - Shade Only

Artichoke Mixed Book Page Pendant Light - Hanging Paper Lantern. (you can buy precut circles of tissue paper and use that instead. Start from the top of the paper lantern and work downwards and out.


Consider entire wall of window in kitchen devoted to looking to outdoor vertical garden. Glass ceiling sounds hard to clean.

Power Generating Rocking Chair by Micasa LAB: Charge your iPad as you rock. #Rocking_Chair #iPad rad technology. $1300

The iRock chair charges up your iPad using the kinetic energy you create by rocking. Plugged out bliss!

DIY kitchen sink - awesome!

Studiomama's Outdoor Kitchen A weekend always cries for a DIY project. For those with dreams of the warmer days that are still several months away, Nina Tolstrup—aka Studiomama—has the perfect project to keep you busy: the Outdoor Kitchen.

This one is practical and innovative.

Stairs Bookcase Actually Makes Me Want to Move to London

What do you do when you have too many books? You either get a Kindle , or build yourself a storage solution like the Staircase/ Bookcase design project.