Done it...

I created this board to remind myself to give thanks - some of these are on other people's list & I've already done - and probably took for granted.
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Sept 19, 2015!!

I love kids so much and I really want to be a mother someday. Hopefully I will be as great a mother as my mom is to me :)

Aug 2003, March 2004

Go to Universal Studios. I've been to Disney World and Disneyland, but I have yet to visit Universal Studios-must do this when I have children.

Aug 2003. 1989 Chevy Celebrity

^^didn't look quite like this car, haha. But, my first car was a gift w/a big bow on it, haha.

for some reason I've always wanted to steal a Cherry Ave. sign in Long Beach, CA. but Any sign will do.

Finish A Bottle Of Nailpolish

Finish a bottle of nail polish. I never finish bottles of nail polish. They always come up missing or dry up!


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Summer 2014 with Phil & Becky

make homemade jam, using fruit from my own I need to grow my own fruit trees, too

Sarah & I - best cousins for life

my future tattoo

ThanksGet a matching tattoo with my sister. (Uhmmm, no biological sisters of my own, so Im adding on the best friend thing. :P) awesome pin

Oct 2008: 2009 Ford Focus. June 2013: 2013 Ford Fusion

Pink lights inside would make my life complete! Wanda needs pink lights.

More than once. And it's not a good idea on work nights!

Covering the walls with pictures and lights - I WILL do this! love christmas lights in bedrooms


✔️ Get a laptop- {Bucket list}✔️ I really wanted one when I was growing up.