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Frugal Living Tips, Ideas & More!

Frugal Living Tips, Ideas & More!

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If you’ve been using Checkout 51, you know that the one downside is that you can only claim that offer one time. Well, good news! There will now be select offers which allow you to claim them more than once!

How to Save on Toilet paper - here are 6 tips that will make sure you never pay full price again for toilet paper.

The folks from over at MoneyTips recently did a survey of over 500 retirees. They asked them all kinds of questions and the results led to some pretty helpful information. In the survey they asked the retirees what mistakes they made in their planning and saving for retirement. Below are the Top 10 #Retirement Planning Mistakes that we can learn from!

It can be tough to stay organized. You've got the menu, the shopping list, the passwords, chore is overwhelming as to how to create this all yourself. Relax - we are here to help! You can access all of these FREE printables - and more! Keeping your life more organized saves you time, money - and stress! Click over to learn more!!

Living Paycheck to Paycheck is a vicious cycle. Find out how you can stop the madness and gain control of your finances!!

There are a ton of awesome Glade coupons at Dollar General right now. I made a big list of matchups for you too! #FeelGlade #ad

Creating a budget can seem daunting - but not with the right tools at your disposal! Just sit down, bring your calculator and I'll be right here with you and walk you through the process of creating a budget. Then I'll provide you with the tools so you can make that budget really work for you!

We may laugh at this prepping show, but there are some important take homes that apply to us all. Doomsday Preppers: Fact of Fiction? #selfsufficient

How to double coupons, which coupons will double, and everything else you need to know about doubling coupons.

How to save on back to school supplies! It doesn't have to cost you an arm and leg.

Student Loan repayment series! Everything you need to know!

How to homeschool for free. This helpful resource includes incredible links and tips! Tip #2 is a must-read!

Peaks & Valleys of Motherhood from the perspective of your average mom just trying to get it right in a society that questions all parenting practices.

Having a new baby is an exciting and joyous time for new parents. However, adjusting to your new life can be stressful. Things get more complicated for the 75% of moms who return to work after having a baby.

When summer comes, it is easy for the budget to get blown away......but we have tips to help you avoid that from happening!!!

A delicious dessert recipe that you can make all year 'round, but that is especially good with fresh summer berries.

Did you know that you can actually SHARE an Amazon Prime account? It is so simple to do - and you can then split the cost with others, saving each of you money! Find out the simple way to do it here!

So many deals in so many places how will you ever keep them straight? Well here are my tips on how to never miss another penny pinchin, money saving opportunity.

Cherry Crumble No Bake Energy Bars - a healthy snack bar with a sweet cherry layer and a streusel crumb topping. | cupcalesandkalech... | gluten free, vegan recipe

Teaching kids about how to be responsible with money is a very important part of parenting. This method will help teach them the responsibility of money with real life experiences like a salary, bonuses and fines! (Includes a FREE printable)!!!

Even if you are a busy mom (dad, grandma, etc), you can still save money with coupons. There are some things you need to keep in mind when it comes to finding, clipping and then shopping. If you find you are too busy to coupon, click on over to get our FREE Couponing Tips for Busy Moms (Dads and others)!!