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What is it about succulents? I have loved these plants since I was very little. I think they are fascinating. They are like jewels. I also like cactus and so do my kids - so I have some cactus on this board, too.

Baby Succulents: Propagating Succulent via Needles + Leaves. Learn how to propagate succulents from leaves and cuttings.

this site has some gorgeously creative ideas for indoor succulents - Lila B Design Perfect for apartment living

'String of Pearls' - Ground cover, succulent. Makes a good house plant in hanging basket.

Sempervivum 'Mars' HEN AND CHICK

"Antique bird cages make great planters for succulents. This cage sits out all year long, (for 2 winters so far) and the only upkeep is a daily spray from the hose in the hottest months of summer." How-to in the comments.

Wonderful arrangement in trough

Crassula columnaris ssp prolifera

Mesembryanthemum Crystallinium

KBD Nursery - Design Ideas

Pars Cactus - Crassula 'Coralita'

Crassula barcklyi

~White~ Pachyphytum "Moonstones" variegated

Pachyphytum Oviferum Hybrid

Kalanchoe marmorata

Titanopsis variegata