This is a "photoshopped" version of the India, Blue Pied Peafowl. Anyone who changes the actual coloring of a bird that is naturally beautiful should be ashamed. See next photo.


Blue-and-yellow Macaw (Ara ararauna). Photo was taken in 2010 at the WeltVogelPark Walsrode, Germany. The photo was very greenish and pale, because it w. Blue-and-yellow Wave

Plush Pink Peacock

Plush Pink Peacock I love peacocks. They are so beautiful. And the background color with the peacock color is just amazingly beautiful.


Lilac Breasted Roller, what an awesome, colorful bird! I'd totally keep one as a pet if I could! Photo by Steve Wilson.

Couleurs .

Cuddling carmines by Patrick Bentley Bee eaters via Paradise of Birds on……

Bébé koala

Funny pictures about Sleeping Baby Koala. Oh, and cool pics about Sleeping Baby Koala. Also, Sleeping Baby Koala photos.

Cool snake

Atheris species, or African Hairy bush Viper. Called hairy due to it's raised, spiky scales and found in the bush I guess. Snakes sadly don't come in aqua blue and metallic purple.