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Fall ♥


10 ways to display your to do list with printables

Great ideas!

Budgeting 101 genius. Pin now, Read later. (*great tips for teens or young adults newly on their own)

Michigan born and raised!


Forget Prince Harry! He comes with hogwarts!


At Michigan, our classes run on "Michigan time." This is the tradition of starting class or meetings 10 minutes late!

Night under the stars. Use a blow up kiddie pool and fill with pillows and blankets.No itchy grass, no ants crawling on food! Great idea

The Birth Certificate Redesigned. Every possible detail you could ever want to know about someone's birth presented in a clean modern layout.

Kristina Monty

  • Kristina Monty
    Kristina Monty

    Omgomgomg if I get a heffalump as a pet he/she and Zoe can be BFFFE!!!!

The most famous brand each state has produced.

Kristina Monty

The Cinderella Castle Suite

Lord Voldemort. In the Forbidden Forest. With the Elder Wand.

I love me some baseball.

Not that hard to understand at all

so true

How I Met Your Mother "Get Psyched Mix"

Oh, how times have changed.