Mercury Is Out of Retrograde; Here's What to Wear Now

This is what I want to look like everyday

Rocker Outfits: The Ultimate In Rocker Girl Style And How You Achieve The Look

Christine Andrew shows off the rocker girl style perfectly in these distressed black jeans and punky leather buckle boots. Jacket: Moto Topshop, Sweater: Ily Couture, Denim: Nordstrom Fashion leather articles at 60 % wholesale discount prices

The Tomboy Style Illustrated And The Cute Tomboy Outfits You Don't Want To Miss

justthedesign: “Camille Callen looks effortlessly chic in grey slacks and fresh white sneakers; the ultimate tomboy look. ” Embrace your inspired fashion.

Leather on leather

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black and white

I like that that's just a plain white tshirt but has a differently hemmed collar and sleeves that make it more than basic. It's understated style. The tight leather leggings with the edgy zipper detail dress up the plain tshirt.