Cut a small "x" into the Ping pong balls, and pop them over the bulbs

Easy Christmas Light DIY: Cut a small "x" into the ping pong balls, and pop them over the bulbs! Note: ping pong balls are flammable, so be sure to use LED lights which don't get hot!

Penny covered letters

The Crafted Sparrow: Loose Change, penny covered letters. Love this idea!

Notebook covered with pieces of pictures

This pattern could be utilized for nearly anything! ~Use on School take note… Diy notebook cover. This pattern could be utilized for nearly anything! ~Use on School notebooks to brighten my days when required!

New Year resolutions for you to fill in – works for 2014!

I've never had a new year resolution, but this year I am! New Year resolutions 2014 - link is broken but good inspiration to make your own list.

pie crust... very cool !

heart pie crust :) How cool is that? Apple or Strawberry Pie - with little heart cut outs!

Refashioned sweater. The body becomes the skirt and the sleeves become leg warmers.

old sweater put to good use! the skirt is half of it and the sleeves of the sweater are the leg warmers! (Like the skirt idea, but not crazy about the leg warmers.

Shower him with love- SO cute!

Shower You With Love

Shower someone with love- I am so doing this for my kids on Valentine's Day. Fill their room with pink and red balloons while they sleep. Attach a reason you love them to the bottom of each one.

Sequinned filled balloons - pop at midnight on New Year's Eve!

Sequins filled balloons are an easy way to add some sparkle at midnight! Pop at midnight on New Years Eve to bring in a shiny New Year! Love this! The post New Years Eve Balloons appeared first on oh goodie designs.

Bam! Minecraft shoes! with surprise. Good gift to give those minecraft fanatics.. haha

These Minecraft shoes are good for all of the Minecraft geeks. It's a good way to wear shoes in style, and show off your Minecraft love!

scarf vest - saw this on a gal yesterday and it was awesome! actually asked her where she got her vest and she said 'it's a scarf!' i said 'how adorable!' she said 'thanks! Pinterest!' DOING THIS!!!

How to Wear a Scarf as a Vest! No-sew scarf refashion. Fun way to wear a scarf in the summer too!

Made with toilet paper tubes

Made with toilet paper tubes [Wha.why use TP rolls for quilling when you can just use cardstock? There IS such a thing as taking DIY too far, yo.