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Craft Leftovers

Craft Leftovers

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This always makes me laugh. Molly is such a trooper. Not that she really "needed" a sweater with all that fur. It was fun to share the pattern for this most ridiculous project.

Just got our baby chicks this past weekend, so adorable! Read all about it and hear their little peeping on the blog, I actually sprung into the future and made a video: www.craftleftover...

Loved making this project for Craftzine during the previous halloween season. You can still get the free knitting pattern over there.

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    :::cringe::: I don't know how to crochet. Don't look at me like that! It's the truth. There.

  • Varenikje

    Oops. Does that say "knitting"?

Making super easy, cheapest possible rustic plant markers that add a touch of pizazz and clarity to the garden! Here, I'll show you how :)

DIY Plant Markers – Stick it up! |

Getting my Thrifty Barrings - the why behind wanting to get my house in order.

Join me in the Craft Leftovers Whip that WIP challenge! Enter for a chance to win the newest issue of the Craft Leftovers Zine!

Thrift Kitchen Renewal - Part 1 - While I’ve continued to post a recipe from time to time and talk about growing food and meal plans, it’s been a long time since I’ve fully embraced the Thrift Kitchen model – providing food for my family that’s healthy and cheap. It's time to change that!

Latest Post: Monday's Weekly Round up! Let's get this crafty week started! www.craftleftover...

I was so excited when the package containing Hand Printing from Nature! Click over to the blog to read the full review and enter the giveaway (now thru 6/14/12)!

What's a zine? Read all about why this is my favorite medium to publish my craft, stories, and illustrations in!

Recipe from my mexican-american friend who swears it's just like how her grandma makes it.

Monday's Weekly Round up on Craft Leftovers. Love getting my creative juices flowing by digging through my rss feed at the start of the week!

Posting a book review of the great book over on Craft Leftovers: www.craftleftover...

After 2 weeks of take out, dine in, dine out, drive through, diner food, and dining in the car Jason and I are ready for a serious adjustment to our eating habits. And I got these super cute food "additives" from Japan Town in San Francisco :)

Eating Clean after my vacation binge |

round up of things that inspired my pants right off.

With my last making of French Toast, curiosity took over and I just had to know the origins of this most delightful toast type. And part of me was thinking "now is this really french?"

When I inherited my lastest stash in mid March I just new I had to share these stories with you. I’ve been so fortunate, and kind of a sucker, when it comes to getting free and super cheap craft supplies and tools!

These little guys still crack me up! Here's how to make them: www.craftleftover...

Molly sporting the awesome cat hoodie I made her :)

Cat Hoodie :: Makin’ Me Purr :: Free Knitting Pattern! |

Free Crochet Pattern :: Tribble Trivet by Kristin Roach on Craft Leftovers

Valerian Fish Toy for Cats, from Craft Leftovers

fixing old frames via Craft Leftovers

Banana Walnut Cookies at Craft Leftovers

I mentioned this in my post a couple of weeks ago about my "go to" meals. It's a delicious dish that's fast, pretty healthy, and freaking delicious!

My three ways to make sure I stay excited about cooking!