Nobody likes a headache and even the minor ones have the potential to ruin your day with a dose of crankiness, irritability and depression. If you’re anything like me, you hate popping pills at the onset of a headache. You’d rather ride it out —or— find something natural to ease the pain. That’s one of …

5 Essential Oils which can Help You Lose Weight.and according to the picture you can keep your breasts and butt! Take lemon before breakfast, grapefruit after breakfast, cinnamon at lunch, peppermint at dinner and fennel before bed.

DIY Essential Oil Diffuser Ornaments. These are a really fun craft to do with kids, and a great way to add the scents of the season to your holidays without having to resort to using toxic candles! We also make them as gifts for friends and teachers. #essentialoils #diydiffuser

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