Kristin Rein

Kristin Rein

Till there was Rock, you only had God.
Kristin Rein
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True Absence

True Absence

Kristin Schattenfield-Rein : Series & Projects

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Garbage found on a beach | 25 Soothing Collections Organized By Color

thepixmix: Recycled Art: Rainbow of Found Objects More Rainbows from Liz Jones (a. Betty Jo Designs) who created these simple “rubbish rainbows” out of discarded plastic she found along beaches and rivers. Saving the environment one rainbow at a time

25 Soothing Collections Organized By Color

Have you ever wanted to alphabetize a bowl of alphabet soup? Swiss artist Ursus Wehrli did just that. The very tidy man also fixed up a haphazard parking lot and a photograph from the depths of the cosmos.

Photographs | 25 Soothing Collections Organized By Color

There are very few things more appealing in this world than a well-organized collection, meticulously arranged and color-coded.


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