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My Name Is Georgia: A Portrait by Jeanette Winter A Portrait by Jeanette Winter  Of all the books on Georgie O’Keefe, I like this one best. ...

Great book to read before having your students paint "Georgia O'Keefe" style! The Joy of Teaching

6 Steps To A Flipped Classroom

by Josh Corbat, TeachThought Intern Students today are vastly different from when we were in their shoes. We were brought up on the age-old.

Landscape defined - From Goodbye-Art Academy

A series giving you all the definitions of popular art terms accompanied with visuals to help you better understand the terms.

Blog post at Brilliant or Insane : Have you considered creating a flipped classroom? No, this doesn't mean turning your room upside down. The flipped classroom is about impl[..]

6 Steps to Flipping A Classroom Infographic - e-Learning Infographics - The 6 Steps to Flipping A Classroom Infographic synthesizes the overwhelming to-do list of flipping your classroom into 6 easy steps.

Flipped Lessons: A couple of my colleagues at school do this and love it; something to consider for the future

Why do I flip my lessons (a flipped lesson is one that is recorded for students to view)? I get asked that all the time. Why do you tak.