My problem with showers…

Funny pictures about My problem with showers. Oh, and cool pics about My problem with showers. Also, My problem with showers.


Funny Family Ecard: Letting your child 'help' you: the quickest way to discover you are the world's biggest control freak.

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TOO funny! I did this to my mom ALL the time. Leave only a thimble of milk, still put it back in the fridge.


Why is it when a certain coworker goes on vacation I feel like I am on vacation? Would she be talking abt the boss?


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Do you ever think about all of the nice drunk girls you've met in bathrooms and wonder how they are doing? I miss you all

OMG, just died!

Farewell letter from

Funny pictures about Misunderstood emo alpaca. Oh, and cool pics about Misunderstood emo alpaca. Also, Misunderstood emo alpaca photos.

I just died of cuteness.

Of Course, I'm So Sorry, Sir

You got me, tiny bird!<<<<< it's a hummingbird. It looks like a hummingbird. I say its the cutest hummingbird yet

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I talk an awful lot of smack for someone who tips over when putting on their underwear

this made me laugh so hard.

More mom, more…

haha not sure why I found this so hilarious. spread that shit, REAL good.

haha whoever came up with this is awesome!

How I Answer Every True or False Quiz…

How to answer true or false questions. If I were a teacher, I would just shake the kids hand and say. you win this round.

Exactly haha!

My thoughts on "healthy snacking" while pregnant..

I'm not sure about the fat cat, but this is funny :) Trail mix is M&Ms with obstacles

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I totally saw chicken. I thought it was chicken shaped dogs! Not sure how that would have been done, but I def saw extra fried chicken shaped as dogs!


I seriously thought the same thing and wanted to punch people in the face. I mean, I still want to punch those people in the face, just no longer for this.