Bathing Beauties c.1940's

Starlets Jean Colleran, Peggy Lloyd & Betty Jane Hess imitating a statue at home of publisher William Randolph Hearst Sr., by John Florea, 1943


∴ Trios ∴ the three graces, sisters, triplets & groups of 3 in art and vintage photos - vintage photo of 3 pals on a roadtrip

Just had a mermaid photoshoot! There will be more in future Had so much fun the tail is from magictail and i made the shell bra an the juwelry . start the day with a mermaid smile

Photographs of everyday life in 1950s New York City discovered in an attic 45 years later

Only recently uncovered in an attic, photos from Frank Larson give an intimate look at what was then the center of the modern world.

Paris in the '20s (via @HistoricalPics)

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photo by Nina Leen

Kathleen Wallace (center) NYC, 1950’s

Kathleen Wallace (center) and models wearing slim linen shifts and page-boy hairdos, photo by Nina Leen, New York City,