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Purple Butterflies Photos - My favorite color and my favorite animal (insect). I love butterflies.

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Colors are all around us! Check out some of the photos we have chosen to show the beauty of the different colors!

Mountain Blue Tropical Butterfly from Australia on Orchid Photography by: Darrell Gulin

Mountain Blue Tropical Butterfly/AKA Blue Ulysses from Australia on Orchid Photography by: Darrell Gulin

most beautiful butterfly i have ever seen soo pretty

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Amazing colourful butterfly. #PANDORAloves

Beautiful butterfly on colorful flowers I love butterflies & dragonflies so much! They are so magical & beautiful!

Resting by Trevor Jolley

The little blue butterfly after the storm. it then found its way whisked to be with its own kind on the other side of the forest and lived very happily ever after :)

Oh My What a Beautiful Day | Facebook

Butterfly Amazing Insect

Borboleta/ Never have seen such a beautiful butterfly as this, the colors are amazing as is the design, God is great