Not so much funny as sweet. Made me smile! Everyone has bad days, but these cool and geeky pictures aim to brighten them up a bit.

This has happened to me waaaaay too many times!

That awkward moment when you walk out of your room in your pajamas and there is a guest at your house. <--- This happens every time I have a day off work.


Funny pictures about OMG Shark! Oh, and cool pics about OMG Shark! Also, OMG Shark!

I've wondered this myself

I have eaten raw cookie dough all my life, and so has my mom, and neither of us have EVER gotten sick from it. (raw cookie dough from homemade cookies)

I'm just a girl standing in front of a salad asking it to be 3 tacos, 2 margaritas, and an order of queso.

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LMAO. So true!!

Aziz on marriage

Aziz Ansari shares his thoughts on marriage.and sweaters. FYI: the last panel contains profanity. People who get married too soon…

That's great

Funny pictures about Kiss Cam Troll. Oh, and cool pics about Kiss Cam Troll. Also, Kiss Cam Troll.

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11 Dog Photoshop Pics That Make Us Go, "That's Enough, Internet"

Funny pictures about Jealous Husky. Oh, and cool pics about Jealous Husky. Also, Jealous Husky photos.