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very sweet and I love the rawness of one is perfect and that is what all people in relationships need to understand. As long as two people can laugh, love, and live together thats what matters!

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I have a thing for Mason Jars. Nice for Outdoor evening entertainment lighting: Hanging Mason Jar Garden Lights - DIY Lids Set of 8 Regular Mouth Mason Jar Lantern fashion decorating ideas

Some Interesting Lifehack

14 Interesting Life Hacks

Some Best LifeHacks! Some are pretty weird but others are pretty smart! 'If you're ever being buried alive tie your shirt around your head'. I'll TOTALLY remember that if I'm ever buried alive!


where there is no struggle there is no strength - great quote idea for new tat

101 Things to do with the moon

Having fun with the moon…

* TIPS & IDEAS * Ever wonder how creative photographers take shots of the moon? Well, this series of photos should give you an idea, and it involves forced perspective to make the moon seem smaller than it really is.

I want to walk down this path.

Fall colors~~ A path to walk to see the trees cleaning so they may begin anew after their resting period

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The only people worthy to be in your life are the ones that help you through the hard times and laugh with you after the hard times pass.i hate it when people bring up my past and still make me feel bad about it


the perfect place for a walk. and the perfect mother nature pic for the fall season :)

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