Fiji – Island of Love - sail away!

Tall Ship Silhouette, Norfolk, Virginia was the most peaceful fun thing we have EVER done, riding on this schooner on the Chesapeake Bay.


sailing 'wing and wing' - "Sail away, sail away, we will cross the mighty ocean and the Charleston bay . " (Randy Newman "Sail Away")

So relaxed

Ultimate lake/lounge boat woodboat ~I am all over it!

sail away

Shiver Me Timbers

A beautiful photo of a boat sailing under a full moon. A night sailing on the water under a full moon has to be a pleasure.


As a backup plan I would love to drive a ship/boat. This will take me on many adventures expanding the sea. This would be a great learning experience and find extraordinary sea creatures & things on the way.

Mallorca  Spain

A very peaceful sunset. Intentando q no se haga de noche.


when the water was this calm, the sailboat could never stop staring at her own beautiful reflection.


Boats on water - Morningtide by Phil Thomson


are available on our eastern coast.