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Kim Rosseter
Kim Rosseter
Kim Rosseter

Kim Rosseter

Are you having a Wheat Attack? Learn the symptoms your body could experience from eating wheat in your diet, according to Dr William Davis on Dr Oz’s show.

Top foods that improve the health and come with many other great benefits

☛ Amazing chia seeds: FOR ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT CHIA SEEDS: www.stepintomygre... ✒ Share | Like | Re-pin | Comment

Lemon benefits. Infographic. Summary of the general characteristics of the Lemon tree. Medicinal properties, benefits and uses more common. Lemon fruit and lemon leaves contents.

fats...the good, the bad, the ungly

Which is Healthier: Chia Seeds or Flax Seeds? | Prevention

Many studies indicate that tea supports heart health as well as healthy blood pressure

The 10 Healthiest Seeds on Earth. Loaded with vitamins & minerals, seeds are an excellent source of fibre, protein & antioxidants, and are a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids. Seeds help reduce joint pain, aid in weight loss, deliver an energy boost & protect against serious ailments such as diabetes and heart disease! Follow Us for more healthy tips! www.SportsNutriti...

The lauric acid found in coconuts is effective in eliminating various fungi, such as Candida

Easily the coolest infographic in this roundup of nutrition, this neat one from goes into the history of how humans—then to now—were/are affected by the food they eat, and dispels some of the common misconceptions about diets.

RP by The StickAnywhere #iPadCase 4 #kitchen #bath 5-Stars purchase worthy. What does Organic really mean? (Infopic)

50 ways to improve your memory, unclutter your mind, and get your brain working at its highest capacity by eating right

Chicken Nuggets Are Basically Made of Corn - WTF?! (Infographic)

disc problems labeled normal degenerated bulging herniated thinning osteophyte formation color drawing

There is over 400 mg potassium in a single medium-size banana!

Macro-nutrient calculator

the foods you eat can play a role in increasing or decreasing body pH, and some foods can be more alkalizing than others. An acidic body is a magnet for sickness, disease, cancer, and aging. Eating more alkaline foods helps shift your body’s pH and oxygenates your system, keeping your body healthy and functioning correctly, preventing cancer, among many other diseases.

Tart cherries contain a natural compound which reduces cancer risk

Top 20 super foods you should eat more of. I've put about half of these in my Vi shakes. Gotta try the kale, spinach works great so worth a try!