Vintage Lesbian Couples

vintage everyday: Vintage LGBT – Adorable Photographs of Lesbian Couples in the…

Rock Hudson

Rock Hudson, gay actor, who tried at all costs to keep his sexuality out of the headlines, and was later the first major celebrity to die from an AIDS-related illness


Fantasy muscle men, buff bodybuilders and good looking guys, BUILT by tallsteve.

ilustración de Oliver Michael Robertson

black cat drawing, cat sitting on carpet, cat art by Oliver Michael Robertson

Hot Vintage Men

antique photo of sailor with beard and awesome mustache beards bearded man men retro vintage image handlebar mustaches

Homo History: Rock Hudson, Gay Icon

Rock Hudson , George Nader - good acting buddies at Universal in the

Vintage Male Affection

Vintage male couple before Stonewall, way before Stonewall, Gay Pride and Marriage Equality. Gay folks have been out there the whole time.