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Katrina Sutherland-Smith

Katrina Sutherland-Smith

The Perfect Portion Kit is a complete set of reusable containers for eating correct portions - great for anyone trying to eat right and stay healthy! #fitfresh perfect portion

doodle, cut and color pages in your journal - not all have to be the same size, shape or color Yeahhh... why not make some interesting shapes in our journals?

diy makeup vanity OH MY GOSH!!! What a great idea! I already have one of these. Was wanting to decorate it in this style too. And was thinking of getting another anyway for my craft stuff. Which I could still do, just use the smaller drawers for my makeup.

When building a new house, use Node Electric Outlets, eliminates the need for a power strip. Just plug it in anywhere on the square! Sweet!!

Did you know that cornmeal is birth control for weeds? Sprinkle it on your garden and it will keep weed seeds from germinating and growing i...

So Cheap!! $79.99 Coach Purse discount site!! Coach Bags,Coach Handbags,Check it out!! #Coach #cheapest #chatwithcoach

I like this combo! A pink cowl neck sweater would be really adorable with my black chevron.

Cracked log lamp: 27 DIY Reclaimed Wood Projects for your Homes Outdoor

Gliderol Renlita Specialty Doors (includes Tilt Doors)

big closet with shoe shelves and a dresser/island in the middle

DIY Countertop, bar top, and flooring epoxy.

farm sink can be made from concrete and stained to look like copper sourced from - High Camp Home

WHO KNEW – AHA! Uses for Old things! If you have been reading my site at all – you know that I simply adore and marvel in Life Hacks! Well, now I am to something KNEW – WHO KNEW?? These are simple solutions that have sitting right in front of our faces and WE NEVER …

15 life hacks from life hackable!

Southern Classic ~ Creamy Chocolate Gravy over Buttermilk Biscuits. Easy but decadent, Simple but scrumptious! #chocolate

Take clippings from your favorite shrub and get them to root :) I'm so going to try this!

I had ALL NINE of these symptoms!!!! Before I was on Plexus, I didn't know what a toxicity buildup was, or how to fix it! You don't know how good you are meant to feel until you stop feeling BAD! So thankful I was able to get my gut in check and balanced with the help of my Plexus products! #getyourgutshealthy #probio5 #biocleanse #mydrinkispink #xfactor #guthealth #watchmeorjoinme

Aspartame is in EVERYTHING these days! Watch what you put in your body! I love how Plexus is sweetened with Stevia, so you KNOW what you are getting!

Plexus slim feel better and get fit!!! I LOVE this stuff!!! Get yours now! dpoe.myplexusprod...

Good nutrition is the cornerstone of wellness, but effective and absorbable multi vitamin supplements can be hard to find. Luckily, Plexus has the solution: Plexus XFactor products. Featuring an innovative formula of New Zealand Blackcurrant and vitamins, XFactor products are designed to make your family healthier and happier. - Ambassador # 219184 Or contact me at: plexustammy@yahoo....